Details of the sales contract

Article 1.


Provision of services:

1. Alarm monitoring (combined system)
2. Maintenance

The Service Provider will provide the User with the following types and categories of security:

1. Physical protection, as follows:

– through the patrol team, through the intervention team,

2. Technical protection, as follows:

-video security, burglary and intrusion protection, fire protection, access control, social alarms, satellite vehicle tracking (GPS), mechanical protection, remote monitoring.

3. Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business, as follows:

-Development of a plan for the technical protection system, preparation of project documentation (if necessary).

Article 2


The security officer is authorized to issue a warning or order to the person or to prohibit the person from entering the protected facility, verifying the identity of the person, stopping and inspecting the person, objects or means of transport, temporarily
seize items, temporarily detain a person, as well as use means of restraint, physical force and gas spray as means of coercion.

The service provider will provide the service (s) through 2 security officers.

The provision of services by the Service Provider to the Service User will be performed at the address _______________________________________________________________________________

The Service Provider will provide services to the Service User for

time of 24h during the day.

The service provider will engage the following funds when providing the service:

-Vehicle, pieces 1; Computer, pieces 2; mobile phone, pieces 2; Loger checker, pieces 1; Binders, pieces 1; Gas spray, pieces 1.

Article 3


The contract is concluded on:

1) 12 months
2) __________

The start date of the service is 01.01.2021. years.

After the expiration of the term for which the contract was concluded, it will be considered that it is automatically extended for the next 12 months of each calendar year, if the service provider continues to provide the service and the service user does not object in writing.

In case of termination of the contract, the Service Provider has the right to withdraw the documentation given to the Service User for use (act, plan, project) or leave it to the Service User, but only after issuing an offer for the same, and the Service User accepts the offer.

Article 4


Value of delivery of the system according to the offer number: ________________________ which is

integral part of this Agreement and the Service User is obliged to make the payment in the following ways:

The total price from the offer stated in Article 4, paragraph 1 of this Agreement, the Service User is obliged to pay upon issuing the invoice on 31.12 in the current year.

Amount of services provided accepted by offer:

offer no service code ———————– service name ——————– —— quantity ————– price with VAT


which is an integral part of this Agreement, Amounts ________________________ with VAT included.

All payments will be made in dinars according to _______________________________________________________________.

The user is obliged to pay the total value of the system referred to in Article 4 of this contract in full in case of termination of the contract within 8 days from the day of concluding the contract.

Article 5


By signing the Agreement, the Service User is informed and agrees that the Service Provider keeps and processes the submitted data received from the Service User and his employees, that they can be used only by persons employed by the Service Provider, and exclusively for the purpose of providing the service. , and all in accordance with applicable law and regulations.

The user of the service has the right to request that the collected data be made available to him, and at his own expense to obtain copies of data in the form in which the information is located, as well as to request changes or deletions in accordance with regulations.

The Service Provider undertakes to hand over or delete the data contained in the written form and which have arisen from this Agreement to the user within 15 days from the day of fulfillment or termination of the contract, ie withdrawal of written consent, and other data which are not relevant or which the Service User refuses to take over, destroy within 8 days.

The service provider is obliged to keep as a secret, in accordance with the Law and other regulations governing the confidentiality of data, all data that he learned during the provision of the service, except in cases provided by law.

The data arising from the Contract and the Contract itself are protected by the Service Provider by storing them in its control center, in a cabinet provided with technical and mechanical protection.

The information derived from the Contract and the contract itself will be considered a type of “business secret”, and it will be of the highest degree of secrecy, as determined by the Rulebook on Business Secrets issued and registered by the Service Provider under number 222-I / 18 from 06/25/2018 year, which is published and is on the bulletin board of the Service Provider.

Article 6


The Service User agrees that notices, requests or correspondence between the Contracting Parties shall be delivered in the following manner and addresses:

1. Service provider: written by registered mail to the address: ul. Spasenije Cane Babović br.5, 34000 Kragujevac, or via e-mail to the address: info@ws.co.rs.

2. Service user: in writing by registered mail to the address of residence or by e-mail to the address: _____________________.

The Service User is obliged to report any change of the stated address to the Service Provider in writing by registered mail or e-mail immediately, and no later than 7 (seven) days from the day of the change, and in case the Service Provider is not notified due to the change. addresses of the Service User, shall be deemed to have been duly delivered, if sent to the address or e-mail, which are listed in paragraph 1, item 2 of this Article, and all in accordance with this Article.

Article 7

The provisions of the applicable Laws and other laws and bylaws shall apply to everything not provided for in this Agreement, in accordance with this Article.

This Agreement is made in 2 (two) identical copies, of which each contracting party keeps 1 (one) copy. On the day of signing this contract, the provisions of all previous contracts for the said service cease to be valid. Amendments to this Agreement are valid only if they are made in writing and signed by authorized representatives of both parties. The user of the service can at any time get acquainted with the General Terms and Conditions of Watchout security d.o.o. relating to this contract on the website https://ws.co.rs/opsti-uslovi.

By concluding this Agreement, the Service User confirms that he is familiar with and has inspected the General Terms and Conditions of Watchout security doo and the Rulebook on Business Secrets of the Service Provider, which relate to this Agreement, that he has inspected and has been provided with all supporting documents. forms an attachment-integral part of this Agreement, and by signing this Agreement declares that he agrees with all of the above and accepts everything, as well as that he is familiar with the positive regulations valid on the day of concluding this Agreement.

Annex to the Agreement:

Bid (s) No._______________________________________________________________________________

Activity plan no. _________________________________________________________________________

Security Plan No. ________________________________________________________________________

Specification No._________________________________________________________________________