Installation, programming and commissioning of TPS

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Bill Gates

Installation, programming and commissioning of electronic security systems.

Installation of the system may only be performed by legal entities with the appropriate license.

The process includes:

  • installation setup;
  • installation of devices and equipment;
  • programming, setting (parameterization);
  • testing of the technical protection system as well as its commissioning;
  • verification of devices and equipment, as well as systems and technical acceptance;
  • development of operating instructions;
  • staff training.

We have many years of experience in designing and implementation, from the simplest to the most complex one:

  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Barrier Gates
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Vehicle Alarm Systems
  • Ambient Sound Systems

Implementation of the installation includes testing and connection of lines from connection points to electronic security devices and they are performed by legal entities and entrepreneurs who are licensed to perform installation, commissioning, system maintenance and user training. Electronic security installations must be carried out in accordance with the positive regulations governing this area.