Access control

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

Access to restrictive premises should be effectively controlled.

The first step in access control is the physical barrier, which prevents access to the fenced area, and the entrances are strictly defined and under the supervision of the staff of the security guarding service. Every person who wants access must be identified and that can be achieved by persons on duty at the entrances, in facilities with a small number of employees and less frequent visits from the side, is performed.

In facilities where there are more employees and where the frequency of “traffic” is increased, as well as in very sensitive facilities, where reliance exclusively on security guarding is not reliable enough, various types of phisycal access control systems are used. In addition to increased security, their use reduces the number of places monitored by security guarding personnel.

Physical access control systems are based on three techniques that determine the authority of a person to enter a sensitive area and, upon receipt of a certificate, give permission to enter.

The first technique is based on knowing the code to open the lock,

The second on the possession of an identification card or badge and

The third on recognizing some physical feature of the person who is seeking access.

We control access in three levels:

  • at the entrance to the space of protected space,
  • at the entrance to the building,
  • at the entrance to the critical room.

The advantage of our company in terms of access control systems are:

  • cooperation with the world’s leading brands in the field of access control, such as ZKTeco, TEH-TEL, DAHUA, HIKVISION, CDVI, SOYAL, PARADOX ..
  • speed of delivery and installation,
  • quality of performed works,
  • the best service support to all clients,
  • long-term warranty on performed works,
  • our insurance policy as a guarantee of quality.
  • For the purpose of additional security

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