Management of physical and technical protection

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Management of physical and technical protection


Managing and controlling physical and technical security is no longer a problem. All activities are recorded in the form of a report where the management has an insight at all times. This type of control certainly increases the level of security and reduces costs.

Managing patrol tours and the preventive tour service has never been easier. Daily insight of the performed patrol tours on the click allows you to deal with the quality of work of people in the field.

Your security officers will simply create a report with text and an image, whether they are operators in the control center, members of the intervention team, or the physical security service. For the purpose of additional control, we enabled the verification of the report by the bosses and managers.

With one click you have a complete insight into all activities, in the form of a chart or in the form of a report. Fully automated reporting of service users, and without spending time, responsible persons will have information that makes them satisfied users.

  • List of performed patrol tours
  • List of operator reports from the control center
  • List of intervention team reports
  • List of physical security reports

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