Fire alarm systems

“There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.”

John F. Kennedy

The health and safety of people, as well as property, are often seriously endangered in the event of a fire.

Damage due to fire is expressed in human casualties, financial and material losses.

Fire alarm systems are used for early detection, alarm and timely response of the competent teams in order to provide the best protection.

Unlike intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems are always active (they are in 24/7 mode).

Smoke and heat are used for early detection of fires.

Fire detectors use the following physical principles for fire detection:

  • measuring the presence of smoke,
  • temperature measurement,
  • flickering flames or heat sources.

The information is forwarded to the fire control panel, which checks the authenticity of the signal. In case of confirmation of the critical value, the alarm is activated. The alarm can be sounded with a siren or by telephone.

Fire alarm systems:

  • conventional and
  • addressable

With an addressable fire alarm system, it is possible to more accurately detect the place of danger, detectors are connected to the control panel via a loop, unlike conventional ones where detectors are connected to the control panel in a line, and such a connection method allows the system to remain fully functional. . Addressable fire detection and alarm systems provide the most modern and best fire protection.

Watchout Security offers fire control panels ( fc panels), sensors, hand-held detectors, smoke detectors, optical detectors, flame detectors for addressable and conventional fire alarm systems.

Watchout Security also offers a service for servicing fire alarm systems.

The advantages of our company in terms of fire alarm systems are:

  • cooperation with the world’s leading brand in the field of PP protection such as BOSH, DETNOV, GLOBAL FIRE, LABOR STRAUSS ..
  • speed of delivery and installation,
  • quality of performed works,
  • the best service support to all clients,
  • long-term warranty on performed works,
  • our insurance policy as a guarantee of quality.

Supporting documentation and other services in the field of Fire Slarm System:

  • Final design for fire protection
  • PZI Main design
  • PIZ Elaboration of as-built design
  • First inspection report
  • Functional test report