Ambient sound system

“The art of being sometimes audacious and sometimes very prudent is the secret of success.”


That your message is clearly heard by all users of your facilities.

Public Address Systems – digital technology – complete computer control.

We guarantee the quality of the transmission of audio messages.

Additional possibilities, integration with other systems in all types of objects.

Connection with a network of optical cables – guarantees top sound quality even when transmitting signals at great distances.

For all types of sound reproduction

Public Address systems are intended for sound systems of large spaces. They are used in shopping malls, hypermarkets, hospitals, airports, industrial facilities, government and numerous other institutions, to simultaneously address a large number of visitors, but also to play music and advertising jingles.

We offer you PA solutions consisting of the highest quality speakers, amplifiers, mixers, players, microphones and other audio components from the world’s top manufacturers. Our Public Address systems are flexible and allow live addressing, via microphone, as well as playback of recorded material via CD / DVD player, FM tuner and various multimedia players.

Integration for effective incident management

In addition to its basic function, broadcasting entertainment content and various occasional notifications, the possibility of integrating the Public Address system with other security systems, such as fire detection and alarm system, is very important, which ensures timely warning and timely evacuation of personnel and visitors in case of an incident.

For this, it is necessary to provide additional conditions that guarantee the reliability and availability of the system, which include constant monitoring, auxiliary amplifier, constant monitoring of the connection to the speakers, digital message management, and a port for connection to the fire service.