Existing security control system

“To ask the proper question is half of knowing.”

Roger Bacon

With control we gain insight into the justification of the investment in security guarding.

An efficient work system of engaged personnel in security is being established.

Before starting to provide the service, a security plan is defined with the user, which includes a tour plan that contains the exact number of location checkpoints with precise name and time interval of tours. During each visit, the security officer carries the data collector to the location checkpoint, and the visit is recorded in the system.

The location checkpoints that the security officer visits do not have to be of a security nature by nature, but they can also be positions that are additionally controlled, e.g. pumps, valves, boilers, gas stations, all types of measuring devices, etc.

The activity report of the security officers, as well as data transmission of patrol tour times, is submitted by the Watchout Security Control Center in the period stipulated by the contract.

Such a control system allows better use of staff, improves efficiency, provide accurate and fast audit information on work carried out and reducing potential risks. This system of control is possessed by all companies that manage costs in a rational way, and especially in organizations that, according to risk assessment, must have an organized security service.

We inform the user about the performed control:

  • Patrol tours;
  • Collected information;
  • Competencies for work;
  • Compliance with the Law.