Risk assessment

“Being bold and very careful at the same time is the art of success.”


Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business


The program enables you to identify and evaluate risks in the fastest and most efficient way and define measures for their treatment. Communication in the risk assessment team has never been easier because it is fully automated.

With such a system, risk managers have the ability to manage risks because each risk is monitored from the moment of identification. Quick and easy report generation reduces risk assessment time and increases service quality.

Methodology and standardized matrices enable unmistakable risk analysis and evaluation. The program remembers all identifiable risks and proposed measures at each stage of the assessment, which facilitates and accelerates the work.

Such a risk assessment system benefits the most from the authorized persons who manage the organization, because the program allows them a greater degree of availability of information that indicates increased risk and possible damage.

It is recommended for risk managers, persons responsible for corporate security, as well as all persons responsible for the security of persons, property and business.

  • Create risk assessment teams
  • Enter, evaluate and analyze risks
  • Define measures and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Add attachments and comments
  • Automatically report to all team members


Everyone has the right to quality. The assessment is available to everyone because the assessment is all