Security plan and electronic security system plan

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin

The precondition for success in business is the safety of persons and property.

A security plan is a document with planned security services that are scheduled in the risk assessment or are required as protection measures by service users, in accordance with the law and the profession rules.

The security plan, that is the plan for dealing with risks, also contains the plan of the electronic security system, when the user is provided with electronic security services.

Our company has implemented another innovation that fully automates the drafting of a security plan. Simple and fast automation enables easy coordination of requirements and even faster implementation on the protected facility.

The security plan in electronic form is always available to the engaged security officers, which directly affects the quality of the service.

The key advantage of our security plan management system is:

  • simplicity and ease of changing the plan,
  • data updating in the plan,
  • maximum compliance with user requirements,
  • availability of information to the authorized person of the service user,
  • availability of information to security officers providing services.