Barrier gates and electric gate motors

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

The electronic security system that improves the level of security are barrier gates.

The first thing that the visitor notices even before the building itself is the barrier gate.

The barrier gate is an effective means of preventing unauthorized entry of vehicles into the fenced area, public garages, entrance to the common parking lot of residential buildings and other buildings.

We save your time.

Electric gates are a common occurrence at the entrances to companies with a high frequency of passage. Compared to electric gates, a big advantage of a berrier gate is the speed of opening. The barrier gates that Watchout Security offers can be raised or lowered in just two seconds. In relation to the gate that is needed, depending on the width, from 20 seconds and more.

Our barrier gates operate on 24V DC and have the option of battery power, which will allow you to use the barrier even when many cannot – when there is no electricity.

In the event of physical damage to the barrier gates, we guarantee enabling the barrier to operate or replacement of parts within 24 hours of the call through the maintenance service.

Depending on the specific needs of the user, the barrier gates can be connected to card readers, fingerprints, remote controls, GSM control modules via mobile phones, inductive loops, microwave radars PRAP, photocells.

We guarantee the best price for the installation of a module that will allow you to control the barrier gate via your mobile phone.

The automatic lifting of barrier gate, via windshield stickers or a plastic tag that attaches to the outside, allows for drastically less vehicle retention when entering public buildings and garages, businesses, stockroom, warehouses, purchase stations and construction sites. In short, the passage wherever there is a barrier gate is accelerated. For the tenant of the building or the owner of the house with the garage, the quality of habitation rises.

Why buy a barrier gates and electric gate motors from us:

  • cooperation with the world’s leading brand in the field of mechanical barriers such as ICARUS QUIKO.
  • speed of delivery and installation,
  • quality of performed works,
  • the best service support to all clients,
  • long-term warranty on performed works,
  • our insurance policy as a guarantee of quality.