On-Demand Response Service

“Time is money.”

Benjamin Franklin

Thanks to the timely intervention of security officers, even 8 out of 10 attempted thefts and vandalism will be successfully prevented.

In your protected facility you will have a Watchout Security clearly branded vehicle with signal light, as soon as possible. All mobile security officers are adequately trained to respond as soon as possible.

In addition to the many innovations applied, Watchout Security was the first to implement the video and audio recording and storing of each intervention. The user receives each recording of the performed intervention with the report by e-mail. You can always watch the video and the report with the photo of the patrol team.

You can use the service in short and long term. It can be a single service or you can adapt them in combination with different types of electronic security systems, such as our unique integrated security system.

The key benefits of the service are:

  • recording and storing videos of performed interventions,
  • real-time video transmission to the Control Center,
  • electronic check-in at the facility,
  • electronic reporting on performed interventions,
  • company vehicles with GPS tracking system.