Maintenance of electronic security system

In order for electronic security systems to provide you, you must first provide them with preventive maintenance.

No matter how good the manufacturers are, no matter how well-planned the system is, it is necessary to ensure its continuity in work.

This is only possible with the service of preventive system maintenance, which is a legal obligation today.

Preventive maintenance of the electronic security system implies anticipation of potential failures and timely response, in order to reduce the probability of system failure. This way of maintenance provides a higher degree of reliability in the functioning of the system and security for the user.

Corrective maintenance is not based on prevention and is realized after a system failure, which increases the risk to the safety of persons, property and business.

Often, with the failure of one element on the system, damage also occurs to the surrounding parts and devices, due to which the entire system is not in function. Delays that occur as a result of a failure cannot be predicted nor can the time required to repair the system. This is the most common maintenance method used today, and it is also seemingly the cheapest. In addition, the reliability of the system with this method of maintenance is questionable – it directly depends on the reliability of the weakest component in the system.

The advantages of preventive maintenance compared to conventional – corrective maintenance are numerous:

  • greater reliability of devices and systems in operation;
  • possibility of planning the moment of maintenance;
  • ability to predict maintenance costs;
  • easier control.

By choosing the preventive maintenance of the electronic security system, the possibility of failure of the components and the entire system is reduced by 94.5%.