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Korisnicima naših usluga koji imaju sklopljen poslovni ugovor sa našom firmom omogućili smo plaćanje svojih računa putem platnih kartica Visa, Master i Maestro.

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Account number:
you will be charged an amount of din.
fot the Watchout Security DOO company account,
Spasenije Cane Babovic 5, 34000 Kragujevac

result->code)) die('ERROR result_code'); // print_r($data->result->code); // print_r($data->result->description); $success = false; switch ($data->result->code) { case '000.100.110': $status_txt = 'Payment completed successfully'; $success = true; break; case '800.100.152': $status_txt = 'Payment failed. We suggest you call your bank, which issued the card, and check the specific reason why this eCommerce transaction took place.'; break; case '100.380.401': $status_txt = 'Payment failed. Incorrect one-time password (OTP) entered'; break; case '100.396.103': $status_txt = 'Payment failed. The registration transaction was not authenticated and has expired'; break; case '100.390.112': // Technical Error in 3D system $status_txt = 'Payment failed, technical error on 3DSecure customer bank system'; break; case '100.380.501': // Risk management transaction timeout $status_txt = 'Payment failed. Make sure you have entered a one-time password (OTP) or have been prevented from displaying 3Dsecure'; break; default: $status_txt = $data->result->description; break; } ?>

Transaction Data:
Order number: merchantInvoiceId ;?>
Amount and currency: amount ;?> RSD
Card type: paymentBrand ;?>
Bank authorization code: resultDetails->ConnectorTxID3) ? $data->resultDetails->ConnectorTxID3 : '';?>
Time of transaction: timestamp ;?>

Watchout Security d.o.o. Kragujevac
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Note: Watchout security operates according to the Laws of the Republic of Serbia and therefore all credit and debit card payments will be made in the currency of the Republic of Serbia (Dinar - RSD). If you pay from abroad, your payment card will be debited in your local currency after the amount in dinars is converted into your local currency using exchange rates applied by the world card associations.

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