Security reporting

“The authority of knowledge is surely a legitimate as the authority of position.”

Peter Drucker

Security reporting is the basis of a security system

Quality reporting supervises the work of security guarding.

The most important elements are the carefully selected data that the report is made of and on the basis of which the information that is most important for the security system is obtained.

An integral part of the report are data on implemented activities that are obtained automatically from information systems.

The second part of the report is all the identified risks in the security process.

The most important part are the conclusions of expert consultants, which include corrective and preventive measures in order to raise the security level.

Reporting can be done periodically and at the request of the user.

By reporting, Watchout Security will contribute to better security performance of our On-Site teams and also help us understand, investigate and mitigate all potential security dangers and risks at the protected facility.

Watchout security, as the creator of the report, is obliged to ensure the safe storage of documented information as well as to keep records of all copies made.

Each copy made must be numbered.

A copy of the report, actually the insight into the report can only have the authorized persons of the service user. The security report is subject to protection of secrecy in accordance with special regulations.

Watchout Security its users:

  • reports on the condition of the electronic security system (information received by the security service)
  • reports on the state of the security guarding system
  • informs measures to improve the security service
  • reports on current legislation in the field of private security