Physical protection

“Being bold and very careful at the same time is the art of success.” 


Systematic approach in ensuring the security of the most valuable resources in business, in addition to technical, it also implies physical protection.

Physical security contributes to the protection of people and property from damage, destruction, theft and other forms of harmful effects.

Physical protection service is a security service that is provided by the personal presence and direct activity of security officers in a certain space and time, as well as the application of measures and the use of coercive means.

Watchout Security officers undergo training and passing in the following areas:

  • fire protection;
  • knowledge of first aid;
  • business communications;
  • physical self-defense;
  • management of technical protection systems.

The security officer is in constant contact with the Control Center, which ensures the timeliness of the response in case of crisis situations.

The tasks that can be performed by security officers are as follows: security officer for guarding the facility under construction, security officer for stationary storage, security officer for receptionist work, security officer for control of entrances and exits to secured facilities, security officer for work in retail facility, security officer to perform security work.


In case of failure of the security service, we offer special conditions for compensation of the damaged user of the service by activating an adequate insurance policy.

Watchout Security has a Professional Liability Insurance Policy for all possible failures of security officers. Regardless of the number of harmful events, the policy is not exhaustive (all harmful events up to the value of 200,000 euros during the policy will be compensated to all service users on the territory of Serbia).