Automatic license plate recognition


Automatic number plate recognition software

it is most often used in hotels, housing associations, parking lots, industrial and logistics areas.

Our system is designed to work in all weather conditions.

If a person can recognize the number plate through the camera – our system will do the same.

Video analytics for automatic number plate recognition has the following options:

  • Identification of the vehicle number plate with further image storage;
  • Customer management – car access by date and time;
  • Park management with number limit and zone limit;
  • Black and white list of vehicles;
  • Automatic control of equipment according to set parameters;
  • Vehicle number plate recognition accuracy is more than 99%. night and day;
  • Correct number plate detection at different vehicle speeds;
  • The universal system can be connected to any IP camera;
  • Reports – ability to work with different databases;
  • Ability to connect an unlimited number of video cameras;
  • Use of LED panels;
  • Quick identification of the number plate using all computer resources;
  • Web interface for networking;
  • P.L.S.S. system for parking lots organization.