Vehicle alarm systems

“The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.”

James Yorke

Serial, factory and conventional vehicle protection systems have proven to be unreliable in practice.

There is a need for an individual protection system depending on the type and model of car.

When buying a new vehicle, many do not think about stealing because they received a factory remote control from the seller or they installed an additional lock.

The factory remote control is usually not used to protect against theft, but only to remotely lock the door.

An alarm system that adapts to the owner and the characteristics of the vehicle, is the best solution to protect the vehicle from theft.

Watchout Security auto alarm does not use a digital connection to communicate with the vehicle computer, so there is no possibility of alarm failure and protection termination. By combining several subsystems, electronic and alarm protection, the most common ways of stealing and neutralizing vehicle protection have been completely avoided.