Remote monitoring of the Video Security system

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Anatole France

A more efficient service of securing persons, property and business in relation to alarm monitoring is the video monitoring service.

Video monitoring implies complete visual control over the facility.

If an incident occurs, appropriate measures can be taken to minimize the damage.

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Eight advantages of remote video monitoring service

in relation to other security services:

  • significantly reduced security costs
  • for a minimum of 30% increased level of protection
  • easier security control
  • reduced influence of human factor and errors
  • increased information security
  • unlimited number of reporting channels
  • reduced possibility of sabotage
  • long-term reduced security risks

A prerequisite for providing video monitoring service is the installation of an efficient video surveillance system connected to the monitoring center.

The video monitoring service also provides a dimension of security guarding, through the activities of security officers on duty, where this type of security is treated as the most effective.

Through the software the protected zones are marked where access is prohibited and for which response procedures are defined.

In case an unauthorized person accesses the protected zone, the operator on duty from the Control Center warns the person through the loudspeaker, while two-way communication is enabled. The operator on duty immediately sends an electronic report on the activities performed on the protected facilities.

According to your requirements, the time of service provision is determined, regarding the time periods during which the cameras are monitored.

Recommended services for additional security are:

  • On-Demand Response servce in case of an alarm situation
  • Preventive Patrol Service
  • Security Reporting
  • Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business