GPS vehicle tracking

“A wise man avoids harm and danger.”

Latin proverb

Do you use motor vehicles in your business?

Reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of drivers, salespeople and field staff, provide better service to customers and improve bargaining power. Discover what GPS vehicle tracking is and what it can do for your business!

A web application with software in Serbian is also available, which can be accessed from any computer.

Check the employee’s reported schedule:

Only on this basis, return the investment within 3 to 6 months.

Get precise information about time spent at work.

Compare the average work time before and after system installation.

Help an employee who has strayed.

The dispatcher can easily help the driver to find the right road and thus save time and meet deadlines.

Control and reduce the average vehicle speed:

By controlling the speed, you will save up to 20% on fuel costs on a monthly basis.

Some vehicles do not exceed 100km / h on the highway and 70km / h on other roads. These variables are directly related to fuel consumption, maintenance costs and safety of traffic participants.

Insurance companies:

Contact your insurance company and request a discount when you show them that your vehicles are now driving slower and that you are reducing the possibility of an accident. If your insurance company does not want to meet you, change it.

Track stopped time delay:

Disrespect of the scheduled time can be an indicator of reduced employee productivity or insufficient commitment to the client.

This information is important for strengthening the bonds, returning goods or successful sales. Efficiency comes first!

Nurturing good customer relationships and helping management:

No more customer responses: “Between 9am and 5pm”.

With GPS technology, you will be able to specify the exact time of delivery / arrival, which you will follow.

With GPS technology, you guarantee the quality of services.

Access is very easy via the internet.