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With their knowledge and skills, the new colleagues will contribute to the further development of the company and the growth of the level of security and satisfaction of our clients.

If you want to develop a career in one of the most promising activities of the future – the field of protection of persons, property and business, we are waiting for you.

Send us your CV and colleagues from the HR sector will contact you as soon as possible.

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What kind of people do we need?

Performing tasks within the competence of private security, employees are faced with tasks that require special qualities and characteristics necessary to successfully meet the high demands of this job.

  • Determination to invest all their abilities and professional knowledge in the work of protection of service users and security of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Integrity, moral and personal, which makes them worthy of the authority entrusted to them.
  • High intellectual abilities, width and level of education that will enable them to cope with the complexity of everyday tasks and provide a certain advantage over potential competitors.
  • Reliability, responsibility and loyalty for which others can always rely on them.
  • The courage to tackle some of the most important issues we face as an organization and the desire to, in particularly demanding circumstances, make an important contribution to the interests of the organization.
  • The challenge they accept by working on an exciting, dynamic, interesting, unusual, but extremely responsible job.
  • Self-confidence, trust in one’s own capacities and competence, but also readiness to learn and adopt new knowledge and skills.
  • Dynamism, entrepreneurship, independence in business, but also a high level of self-control, tacticity and restraint.
  • Calmness, sobriety and the ability to solve problems under pressure and making thoughtfull decisions even in critical situations.
  • Resourcefulness, adaptability, flexibility and creativity in approaching a variety of situations they may face.
  • Social skills and abilities to work with people: communication, eloquence, persuasiveness, pervasiveness and among the most important, listening skills, in jobs whose performance directly depends on success in contacts with people.


  • Quality initial training and continuous training, which is proven by the training plan that you get acquainted with in the beginning.
  • Opportunity for personal development in one of the fastest growing companies, as evidenced by our results and market position.
  • Cooperation with the best companies and managers in Serbia, as evidenced by our list of users
  • The most advanced software tools Saop iCentar and Giant and training for their use.
  • Organized work process and quality communication, as evidenced by the SMO documentation.
  • Always free parking space because we know how important that is today.
  • Securing your property and your family under special conditions because our goal is for you to feel safe.


Do you need a reliable strategic partner?

If you are a company that provides the service of:

  • designing electronic security systems
  • installing video surveillance systems, alarm systems, or any type of electronic security systems
  • security guarding
  • risk assessment

 and if you want a trusted partner, then the right solution is a partnership with us.

With us, you have the opportunity to earn extra money by expanding the market, the range of your services and the use of existing business connections. By using our resources and fully compliant solutions with the current legislation, you will have the opportunity to make your existing customers more satisfied, and as a result, increased profits will occur. In addition to the existing services you provide, you can also offer more than 20 different services in the field of security guarding and electronic security.

Through our work in the field of private security, we make the lives of millions of people safer all over Serbia.

We cooperate with a large number of different organizations in Serbia, that we help to achieve their goals through our global networks, experience and trust.

When it comes to business partners, we fully understand their social responsibility and marketing strategies. We appreciate the aspirations of our partners from the public and third sector for training and their tendencies in the field of security of persons, property and business.

The success of our partners makes cooperation with us even more useful, so we suggest you to contact us and thus start a new era in your business.


Are you deciding to buy a franchise in the field of private security?

Thinking of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and don’t have your own business idea? Do you want to enter an already tried and tested business model, where you get a well-known security brand and all the knowledge about entrepreneurship “on hand”?

Watchout Security is the first private security company in Serbia to represent the franchise system. A franchise, affiliate system or dealership is a way to start your own business. This kind of business brings you independence in business and the possibility of satisfactory earnings.

At the same time, we want to present our services, which we have designed with the aim of comprehensively helping you as a potential franchisee to succeed as an entrepreneur.

If you are interested in doing business under the Watchout Security franchise, you need to answer a few key questions. We invite you to the headquarters of the organization for free advice.

Consultations with our franchise agents can help you:

  • To more easily assess the advantages and potentials of the franchise system for you, as a franchise owner;
  • To determine if the very idea of ​​a franchise is your right path;
  • To become aware of what is needed to establish a solid, well-realized and thus successful franchise system, of which you will become a part (regarding what the obligations of the franchisee are towards you, and what is your right);
  • To avoid (too) frequent mistakes and to enter the long-term success story in the right way, which will become your way of life.