Remote monitoring of the Alarm System

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Your most valuable resources require absolute commitment in the context of security and continuity in terms of activities

To help alarm systems reduce the risk of committing a crime, Watchout Security provides an alarm monitoring service.

You can read about alarm systems on the alarm systems page.

Alarm monitoring is a service of remote monitoring of the alarm system.

Monitoring includes tracking the activation of the alarm on the protected facility, checking the events and further reacting based on the information obtained in accordance with the procedures, all in order to reduce the damage.

Security officers on duty are obliged to determine the cause of the alarm and to inform the service user.

If it is determined that there are elements that indicate the commission of a criminal offense, the security officers on duty, according to the Law, are obliged to inform the competent police station. Depending on the specifics of the event that led to the activation of the alarm system, the duty person of the Control Center make a call to the fire department and / or ambulance.

Alarm monitoring – detection of danger as early as possible and warning the person on duty.

Each user of the alarm system through which remote monitoring is performed, received from us:

  • Code – A combination of numbers known only to authorized persons on the protected facility and it serves to activate or deactivate the alarm system (so-called “armed and disarmed”). Each user of the system services must have his own password.
  • Duress Code – Assumes that the Service User or an authorized person of the Service User has disarmed the alarm system under duress and serves as a sign for the Monitoring Center operator to act according to a special procedure for such cases.
  • Password – A word or number, known only to the Service User and the Monitoring Center, which serves to verify the identity of the Service User or an authorized person who communicates with the Monitoring Center in all cases related to the operation of the alarm monitoring service.
  • Password under duress – A word or number other than the real password and serves as a secret verbal sign for the operator of the control center when checking the authenticity of the identity of the person in case the communication is done under duress, in fact that the Service User is forced to say that the condition of the facility is normal.

Recommended services for additional security are:

  • On-Demand Response servce in case of an alarm situation
  • Preventive Patrol Service
  • Security Reporting
  • Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business