Integrated Security System

“Every minute we do risk analysis, most take action, and some make good decisions.”

Vladimir Jaćimović, director and founder of Watchout Security doo


Mobile Integrated Security System

whose basic function is the protection of property in specific conditions and on remote facilities and plants.

It combines the function of electronic security through the alarm system, video surveillance system and access control system, as well as security guarding through remote monitoring from the Control Center.

It is intended for all firms and companies that need protection, but without constant security guarding (presence of security officers) such as construction sites, substations, distribution plants, telecommunications installations, wells, reservoirs, open warehouses, agricultural land, etc.

All events from remote facilities are currently being transmitted to the Watchout Security’s Control Center, and registered in the database as well. Any information on authorized and unauthorized presence in any of the remote facilities is, along with an audible alarm, currently displayed in the M.I.S.S. surveillance applications. Each presence at the facility will start up the recording of the corresponding IP camera.

M.I.S.S. provides the user with the ability to manage a mobile integrated security system through applications. Authorized persons are obliged to record the arrival / departure by bringing their identification card to the appropriate contactless reader, installed on a visibly marked pillar.

The equipment to be installed is intended for outdoor installation and is installed on pillars of noticeable red color, with visible text notifications and warnings.

The system consists of:

  • Intrusion alarm system – alarm sensors for motion detection – the presence of unauthorized persons;
  • Accsess Control System- contactless ID card reader for recording the presence of authorized persons;
  • Video surveillance system – high resolution IP cameras;
  • S6 fire extinguishers and first aid;
  • Two-way audio communication with the Control Center;
  • Alarm sirens with strobe light.

Additional Services M.I.S.S. systems are:

  • Alarm monitoring from the Control Center;
  • Video monitoring by security officers;
  • Periodic report from the Access Control System.

On the exceptional topicality of M.I.S.S. systems are affected by:

  • The need for a centralized control system;
  • Preventing a growing number of thefts;
  • The trend of decreasing security guarding;
  • High GSM network coverage and very low GPRS costs