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In case of failure of the security service, we offer special conditions for compensation of the damaged user of the service by activating an adequate insurance policy.

Watchout Security has a Professional Liability Insurance Policy for all possible failures of security officers. Regardless of the number of harmful events, the policy is not exhaustive (all harmful events up to the value of 200,000 euros during the policy will be compensated to all service users on the territory of Serbia).


Dear clients,

Our insurance partners understand your needs. They have prepared a special offer for you, which includes property insurance, for all users who have a concluded insurance contract. You can contract and sign the policy of this insurance when arranging insurance.


We all have difficulties in allocating money for additional security, therefore, it is extremely important for us to have the damage covered. Despite our efforts to improve the quality of service, there is always a risk of unforeseen breakdowns or damage that may occur to us during the provision of the service.

-Insurance against accidental damage, robbery / theft – coverage A:

This insurance covers accidental damage to the device due to: leakage or leakage of liquid, breakage of the device due to falling, due to unintentional misuse, due to short circuit, due to electromagnetic changes and excessive voltage, damage directly or indirectly caused by lightning, due to pressure, damage caused by fire, smoke, explosion, damage during rescue due to fire.

– Insurance of extended warranty after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty – coverage B:

We provide insurance only if damage or destruction of the device occurs after the expiration of the legal or additional (optional) manufacturer’s warranty period for defect in manufacture, material, calculation, servicing or installation and / or destruction covered during the warranty period, or not above the agreed insurance amount.

For each protected facility, you can contract insurance coverage for a total duration of 48 months. Depending on the type of electrical device, each individual cover can be valid for a maximum of 2 years.

Please note that in order for your insurance to be valid, the security service must be active, with a valid contract and that the service is provided in accordance with the Law on Private Security.