Method of payment

After receiving the invoice in PDF format or paper version, you can settle it in the following ways:

  • Online payment https://ws.co.rs/online-placanje/
  • Cash payment – Payment in cash.
  • Transfer payment – by payment to the current account of the company.
  • Payment by debit and credit cards


When paying by card via the Internet, the card data is entered on a secure page, and transmitted via the Internet in a protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol and PKI system. Payment card data is not available to our system at any time, but exclusively to our bank and payment card processor. We are committed to the privacy of your personal information that will be used solely for the purpose of payment on our website. Detailed instructions for ONLINE PAYMENT can be found on the Online Payment page.


You can also pay for the services in person in cash or with any payment card in our branch office at Spasenije Cane Babić 5, 34000 Kragujevac. You can see the exact address at this link.


You can pay for the services by direct payment to our account. You can make a payment with a standard payment slip at any post office or bank in Serbia, or via the Internet if you have Internet access to your account (web banking).


You make yourself or your loved ones happy with the possibility of shopping, during which you determine when and how much you will pay in a period of 300 days. Or up to 24 equal monthly installments without interest, the first installment is due immediately, and the rest every following month. We have approved the possibility of paying all citizens’ checks within 300 days from the date of purchase, without participation and with 0% interest. The buyer chooses the number of the installment, the due dates of the installment for collection as well as the amount on the check. The only thing you have to take into account is the payment of the entire amount in a period of 300 days.


Retail lending by bank – web loan. Watchout Security, in cooperation with the bank, offers the most favorable lending to customers through the possibility of paying for goods in 3 or even 24 installments without interest. For more of us contact us on 0800 011 013.