Ordering a service

You can receive an offer if you submit a request for an offer in one of the following ways:

  • By sending a request for an offer through our site ONLINE
  • By phone to the toll-free number 0800 011 013
  • By sending a request to the mail prodaja@ws.co.rs
  • Through one of our authorized risk managers


If you have decided to send a request for an offer via the site, first you need to select the service you are interested in, then you need to click the REQUEST FOR BID button at the bottom of the page, where you will open the Questionnaire – data entry form.

The goal of the questionnaire is better contracting of the service through faster and more accurate definition of your requirements.

  1. step – In this step you enter the data on the natural or legal person who will be considered as the service contractor and to whom the offer will be addressed.
  2. step – In this step you enter more detailed information about the protected space for which the offer is made.
  3. step – In this step you enter more detailed information about the system-services for which the offer is made.

After the third and last step, you need to finally send the questionnaire to the SEND QUESTIONNAIRE button. After that, the page confirming the sent request will appear. “The message was sent successfully, Thank you for sending the message. Your message has been forwarded to the competent service. “

Or, if you are not sure which service you want, you can simply make a request via the contact form and one of our authorized risk managers will contact you. The contact form can be found with the main menu or by simply clicking on this link.

Watchout Security is committed to the privacy of your personal information that will be used solely for the purpose of contracting the service.


In case you want, you can order any service from our site by calling the free phone number 0800 011 013 or by e-mail at prodaja@ws.co.rs. If you are a legal entity, our colleagues in the Business Customers sector are at your disposal and you can contact them by calling 0800 011 013 or e-mailing at prodaja@ws.co.rs

It will be certain that in each of the ways it will be entered into the database as a request for contracting and that we will determine the person who will perform the contracting. As a confirmation that a contract request has been entered, you will receive a text message with the request number to the phone number specified in the request. If you are an existing user, the person with whom you previously contracted will automatically receive an SMS that you have submitted a request.


Authorized risk managers help security users find the best security solution and companies help them find loyal service users. Risk managers are professionals who are trained to assess risk as well as to propose risk reduction measures. They specialize in offering services in the field of technical protection, physical protection and physical-technical protection.

Risk managers help you reduce the risks of burglary, robbery, internal and external illegal actions, and fire. By reducing these risks, you increase the security of your property, the people around you and your business.

You can see more details about our risk managers on the website https://riskmanager.rs/.

The procedure is the same for each of the mentioned ways of submitting the request, and you can see the course of events on the page https://ws.co.rs/podrska/.

  • Customer center opening hours
  • Monday – Friday: from 08h to 16h
  • Saturday: non-working day
  • Sunday: non-working day