Frequently asked questions

By law, you must display a notice. If you do not put the sticker, you and I are in violation.

This license applies to a money transfer service, and we do not provide that service.

They certainly have certain devices on the basis of which they are checked, and each check is recorded in our system. In this way, we can check our security officers to see if they have visited our clients in a predetermined order, and you will certainly be provided with information on all visits through a specific report.

Can you tell us if your neighbor is a user of our services, because we try to resolve all complaints of our clients as soon as possible, because our trust and customer satisfaction comes first.

According to the Law, we may not give such information to third parties, nor use it for other purposes. We are a company that deals with private security and the confidentiality of information is our priority and our control center does not spy on you, but only reacts to all alarm situations.

But in case any burglary happens and huge damage occurs, you will not be able to make up for what you would lose, and with our services you will feel much safer. Our sticker’s position prevents burglars from entering the protected area.

It is only a written agreement between us, which according to the Law must exist, and on the basis of which both parties are obliged and acquire certain rights.

Of course you can, but further obligations depend on the contract.

As for payment, we are very flexible. We often adapt to the situation and capabilities of clients.

Of course you can, we have cameras of different qualities, which you can choose according to your needs.

You must have our stickers only when you use our services.

What do these certificates mean to me, what do I care about that?

We cannot guarantee, but we act preventively, so that such things do not happen, or we minimize those risks. We also have an insurance policy, from which we can compensate the damage if it is determined that it was caused by our fault.

Yes, if you buy the equipment.

It is now a legal obligation, which means that according to the Law, the equipment must be in functional condition and provide material of appropriate quality, so that in case of adverse events it can be used by the competent authorities as evidence.

Maintenance includes preventive inspections of the Technical Protection System, which checks its functionality and suggests measures for improvement. Also, in the event of a malfunction, the faulty element changes and the System continues to function smoothly, and you are never left without service. In contrast, servicing involves the repair of defective devices no later than 45 days from the date of receipt of the device for service.

If you use our maintenance service, then you do not pay for out-of-warranty service. If you do not use our maintenance service, in which case you pay for service outside the warranty period.

That is great, but maintenance is now a legal obligation, and we as a company abide by the Law. This was regulated by the Law, bearing in mind that an organization is always in a better position to do maintenance because it has the appropriate infrastructure, professional staff and access to the latest technologies.

We are glad that you see the importance of private security, can you tell us whose services you are currently using and how satisfied you are? (Examine whether he has a contract and by when, and if he does not specify a potential client to become our user).

Of course, when would it suit you to call you? (Arrange the exact time when to hear from you again, when to contact him).

We will be quicker to respond to an alarm situation that you might not have noticed in time, especially if you are not currently in the facility. Ask yourself how many people are calling the police at a given time, and whether you are their priority. Our clients always come first, and we will certainly react faster than the police.

The law obliges you to keep records of their working hours. It is not a control, the device itself can be connected to the accounting information system, which has been significantly improved. For you, this means that you can get a table that will significantly facilitate the insight into the working hours of employees, the calculation of salaries, records of vacations, sick leave and absences of employees.

You reduce the risk of possible problems that may arise in the system.

Risk assessment is a legal obligation.

You can choose. If you want to change the assigned one, you need to contact our control center. If you happen to forget the password, our operator will make you remember.

Yes, it is possible to make online payments through our website. We guarantee the safety and security of your data.

A password is a combination of four numbers that you use to arm or disarm a system, and a password is a term that confirms the identity of a user and is unique.

You can see everything about the activities of the WS in the report (type of control – who entered, who left, patrol tours, description of what was found on the spot…).

Security is preventive, and insurance serves you after the damage. Insurance will never reimburse you one hundred percent.

Information security standards – we are compliant, we have a certificate. We would be sanctioned if we did not respect the confidentiality of information.

Yes, of course, the entire business adapts to your requirements.

Not. All users are equal to us and we treat everyone equally.

Yes, according to the amount of the contracted work.

Yes, but you bear the consequences in case something happened at that moment because you are obliged by law to keep the system correct.

Through the internet, radio, you can see our stickers everywhere. Our satisfied customers are our best advertisement.

I can tell you that after contacting the manager and the people who are responsible for the realization of that, but we will do everything in our power to make it happen within that time.

Yes, we are focused on higher use of renewable energy sources, as evidenced by the fact that Watchout security services are powered by renewable energy sources.

The offer states that the client is obliged to provide conditions and protect the space during the works.

Enough, a satisfactory number in line with business needs.

I will provide you with references. (Depending on the user profile, specify a couple of users of our services).

No, but we have a tendency.